Raj and its Business Sectors

Established in the year 1976, Raj has a team of highly trained personnel to maintain High Level of precision at all the levels. Raj Engineers have been supplying variators for many Years and have played a large part in industry's ever-growing awareness of the positive Advantages to be obtained from Controlled variable speed drives. Modern technology demands. The ability to change speeds frequently, Whether by manual methods or automatic control Systems. The Mechanical Variator is ideally suited to these requirements, as the control Mechanism is light, positive and extremely accurate, Predetermined speeds can be quickly selected and accurately maintained.  

Further more the variator is the mechanical drive of simple design and capable of being Serviced by any competent fitter. This is an important consideration for manufacturers who sell to international markets.

Mechanical Variators offer speed ranges upto 12:1 variation and input powers 0.18 kw to 25 kw.

Raj is one of the major suppliers to industries like Cable, Cement, Food, Leather, Machine tools, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic, Polymer, Printing, Paints, Pumps, Rayon, Steel, Sugar, Textile, Tobacco, Wire etc. With a list of end users which include more than Fifteen Thousand clients in India and abroad.


For almost 28 years Raj has supplied the most reliable products and systems, always confirming to stringent quality standards and measures. Our products are Guaranteed to offer you reliable and effective throughput.

Our Major Lines Of Business

1.  K - Type Mechanical Speed Variator
2.  P - Type Planetary Speed Vairator
3.  N - Type Speed Variator
4.  A.C. V/F Drive (INVERTER)
5.  Variable Speed Pulley Drive
6.  Worm/Helical Geared Motors